Announcement: Web site go-live and first successful month with many more to come!

North Haven, CT (August 31, 2010) Today marks my first full month of business since starting on my own.  PELASyS is the trade name for Patrick E. Looney. The name was formed by combining  my initials and my primary business focus being support of  Accounting Systems.  In my initial rollout, I selected a small group of clients that I had previously provided services for while working for the former Offis Corporation.  I would like to thank those clients that selected to use my services. Your business and support is appreciated.  I hope to provide you with the best service possible going forward.

Today I am pleased to announce my availability to several additional clients. In starting off, I did not wish to over-extend and provide a low level of customer service.  With a month under my belt, I am pleased to now offer you my services.

Several clients have requested that I offer phone support services.  I will be offering a monthly phone support plan.  If you are interested feel free to contact me at 203-903-1414, and I can provide full plan details.

My primary focus will be on supporting clients with the software and technologies that they currently are using.  However, on a long term basis, technologies are always changing. As such I will, and I have been establishing relationships with the required parties to continue to assist my clients going forward.