The conference started for me on Sunday,  April 3 with partner channel meetings.  In these meetings  the partners were exposed to the messaging for the Engage conference prior to the Monday opening.   Partners met with the senior management of Exact.  I also had the oppurtunity to meet with Randy Napier from SRH Consulting.  I partnered  with SRH consulting in February 2011.

On Monday April 4, the conference opened with an addresses from the Exact management team.  CEO Martijn Janmaat, President, Exact Americas Mitchell Alcon, and master of the ceremonies, VP of Marketing Harry Merkin. This was followed by two keynote speakers; Trey Winthrop from Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, a Macola ES client, and Charlie Tarling from D&G Machine Products a Job Boss client.  We then broke out into Solution Sessions (Solution Sessions are mini product trainings), and the day closed with a reception in the Vendor Showcase.

Tuesday April 5, started off with motivational speaker Scott Mckain, and then an aggrresive schedule of Solution Sessions into the evening.  I chose to skip the planned evening entertainment.

Wednesday April 6, Started off with Solution Sessions, at 1pm I attended the conference closing.

There was a clear message that Exact is refocusing on the core Macola products.  CEO  Martijn Janmaat explained that Exact is reorganizing into a vertical market approach with manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and professional services for small to mid-sized businesses.   The message was also clear that the Progression and Macola ES product lines were moving forward along with the Globe product line.  A road map of furture releases of each product was mapped out.  The process of how changes are incorporated into product based on partner and client feedback was reviewed.  Exact is looking for more feedback from clients, as currently 6% of active clients vote on future enhancements. 

Product News

Progression7.7.6 is the last Btreive release,7.7 wil be SQL only, yearend payroll updates will be avalible this year 

AvaTax Sales Tax Reporting and Management – previously you needed a third party connector, but starting now with currentreleases of all Exact Macola Progression, Globe, and ES products the connector is built into the product.

V-Technologies – releasing version 11.1 of Starship with the following new features:

  1. FedEx SmartPost
  2. FedEx Electronic Trade Documents
  3. FedEx HazMat/Dangerous Goods
  4. Performance Enhancements in Ship Screen

Exact eCommerce Suite – I missed the session on this product(s), but spend time reviewing it at the vendor showcase.  I received a demo of their B2B and B2C eCommerce web solution along with their credit card processing. 

If you have any comments or questions,  as allways feel free to contact me.