(05/20/20120) Last Week I attended Exact’s Engage Regional User Conference in New Jersey.  This was the first year with the Regional format, and Engage was one day shorter than normal.  Overall I would have to say the conference was very positve.  I did see more local clients than would normally attend as the event took place within a drive time radius for us here in Connecticut.

Key Takeaway that I would like to Share :

Road maps for Macola Progression and Macola ES where presented which included support for the future release of Windows 8, SQL 2011, and Crystal Reports 2011. Note the turn around time from the Microsoft release to the Exact release of supported product has been significately reduced. For those who are looking to keep on the leading edge, this should be good news.  For the rest of us, it means they will be ready when you are. It was also reviewed that Windows XP and SQL 2000 are both approaching their end of support window with Mircosoft.  Clients running either of these products should start to plan for upgrading these products.  A future update to the Macola ES User Interface was announced.  A new product was released “Exact Navigator”.  This product is the glue between Exact’s front office product (Synergy ESE)and Macola ES.

Classes, Classes, Classes, this year with a two day event, the number of sessions had to be cut down, as such the General session and closing session were eliminated.  It was good to see some local clients at the show.  I would love to hear what you thought.  I would also encourage letting Exact known, and a major take away was that Exact is listing.